Renaissance costumes were worn by people during the period

Renaissance costumes were worn by people during the period or the middle (medieval) ages which flourished from the 14th to the mid-seventeenth century. During that period the wealthy and prosperous class wore clothing that was elaborate and highly-decorated. Renaissance dresses were usually hand crafted with exquisite finishes and made from different types of rich and expensive fabrics. Some of these medieval dresses were very expensive and ornate which indicated the financial stature and wealth of the wearer. Medieval clothing like costumes were not only worn to indicate the status of the wearer but were also considered as a form of financial investment. Since these costumes had high value in the market those could be resold for a handsome amount if the wearer required money in the future. costumes for the wealthy class were made of fabrics that were very expensive and exclusive since those were hard to produce.

Fabrics like cotton, velvet, silk and brocade were used to make these dresses. During that time these labour intensive fabrics were produced in countries that were far away from Western Europe. For example cotton used to be brought from Egypt. Apart from procuring the raw materials from distant places these costumes were given rich finishes with ribbons, seed pearls and golden or silver thread embroidery which made the costumes more expensive.Dresses for women included both simpler as well as complex clothing. The simpler pieces included underskirts, bodices and robes and the complex ones had skirts, over-bodices, hoops and collars etc. For men the dresses were designed and stitched to give the rounded or barrel look which helped accentuate the shape of the body.

Dresses for men like that of the women had the same rich colours and fabrics. There were padded shoulders and breeches and hats with embroidery and fancy finishes etc. There was a great demand for pirate shirt for men.The popularity of this trend of the medieval times which reached its pinnacle during the renaissance era has not waned till today. As such even today people look for an opportunity to wear these Halloween costumes when they organize Fairs. For those who seek to buy costumes from that bygone era there are many offline and online stores that sell authentic-looking costumes. However it is better to avoid cheap fabrics or costumes that are poorly constructed as these will spoil the overall look of the costume.