Last but not lest the washing matter is also very important

Fabric can be used as a fantastic material for home decorating and furnishing. In the age of kings and queens it was a very common site that wonderful fabrics and textile are used for upholstering furniture, furnishing walls and every corner of a room. Now this trend is also showing up. imitation linen fabric Fabrics are hot favorite because of its elegant texture and smooth feeling and touch. But when choosing the interior designer fabric for your room you have to be particular on the color that will go with your room’s color scheme and ambience. Such as if the room is bed room and the color is mute then you can opt for a contrastive colored interior designer fabric or matching colored interior decorating fabric. This formula is also maintained and followed in the hospitality area.

Then the fabrics can be called hospitality fabrics.Silk fabric is mainly used for curtains, upholstering furniture and wall papers, chiffon can be used for curtains, organza can be used for frame holder in the room corners or as panel holder or decorated window cover for the arch window on the side of the doorway. Apart from decorating windows and screens this fabric combo can be greatly utilized at bedroom also. Stretch fabric made netting or organza fabric decorated silk panels adds extra glamour to furniture and room upholstery. Scarves made of organza material adds special appeal to lampshades hence make the ambience of the room soothing and comfortable.

Stretch fabrics, although mostly used in ladies bra, swimsuits, sportswear etc. nowadays are greatly in use for making room upholstery and home décor materials. Stretch fabrics are available in two common brand names, Spandex and Lycra, are greatly in use for home décor materials. The home décor items made with stretch materials are generally easy washable and extremely durable. Therefore stretch materials can be used for cushion covers, pillow covers, TV covers and as bed spreads. The decorating material which needs to be maximum flexible, should be made with fabric which can stretch and run a longer time.One of the great advantages of fabric made home decoration is its replacement benefit.

The fabric made items can be replaced or can do a complete makeover of home by simply replacing the fabric made covers, bed sheets, and upholsteries. In case of dirt accumulation these fabric made items can be washed and disinfected. The use of fabric made home decoration is absolutely supportive to green living and these materials are 100% recyclable, hence absolutely environment friendly.

Last but not lest the washing matter is also very important as far as your cleaning concern is calculated. Fabrics any kind pf like silk fabric, cotton or organza each and every kind of fabric is washable. But washing method has to be perfect and right. You can not wash silk and cotton in a same way. Unless the ease of maintenance is added with the beauty and gorgeousness of the interior designer fabric, the decoration of a house cannot be complete and manageable with the ultimate effect.