They are generally large in size like our common quilts

We all want to decorate our homes by increasing polyester satin fabric the beauty of rooms. There are so many things and accessories available in market through which we can decorate our home entirely. There are so many crafts and paintings which are famous these days for the decoration of houses. One of them is wall hangings which we can see in every second home. With the help of these we can decorate the walls of homes and our interior home becomes more attractive and eye catching. These wall hangings are in existence for many years and the uses of these become change time to time.

Wall hangings are of various types but the people prefer handmade wall hangings more because they look more beautiful and attractive. In terms of wall hangings there are various wall hangings available with their distinct roles. One of them which are most famous these days is wall hanging quilts. These wall hanging quilts are used to decorate the walls of our bedrooms, halls, living rooms, lounges etc. Both these types of wall hangings are widely famous but handmade are more famous because they give a traditional look.

In our country there are so many communities which are specialists in making wall hangings with hands. And as the handmade require more labor and concern, they are more expensive in comparison of machine made wall hangings. There are so many types of wall hangings available in market but the most famous are those which are made by hands because they show originality. The fabrics which are used in these wall hangings play a good role while finding them. As good as fabrics used in them as good as they work. The quality of fabric also makes them more durable. The different wall hangings which are famous all over the world and in high demand are wall hanging quilts tapestry wall hangings etc.Wall hanging Quilts are an expression of the finest artwork in cloth.

They are generally large in size like our common quilts. They acquire a large space on walls to hang. The well designed fabrics on wall hangings quilts help in making walls more decorative and ornamental. Similarly tapestry wall hangings are also good articles in the list of wall decorative. They consists a large variety of wall hangings with distinct designs on it. These are heavy clothes woven with rich, often varicolored designs or scenes, usually hung on walls for decoration. We may also find many of these wall hangings for the purpose to cover furniture. They play double role for furniture, one is they keep them clean and the other is they make the furniture so pretty and eye catching.